5 ways to instantly reduce stress in 10 minutes.

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1, Exercise

Exercise helps your body release “feel-good” endorphins hormones, supporting you
to feel less stressed. Stress can also make you tense your muscles without thinking, which exercise help to relax.

It doesn’t have to be a complete workout:

  • Walk around the block.
  • Do 20 jumping jacks.
  • Quick run or yoga flow.

2, Write Out and Organize

Stress can hit in when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tasks that need to be done or with deadlines. Writing a to-do list or time management plan can help you see each task through to completion.

  • Write out everything you need to get done, noting each step you’ll need to achieve. 
  • prioritizing what must be done first and recognizing what can be done at a later time and what can be assigned to others.
  • Be practical about how much time it will take you to complete each task and create time into your schedule to reward yourself for getting the task done.

Writing everything down can make stressful tasks seem easier.

3, Breathe (Nose breathing)

When you feel anxious or stressed the way you breathe has drastic changes, impacting your wellbeing. Nose breathing allows 50% more air to flow into the body, which is more than 10%~20% uptake of oxygen compared to mouth breathing. 

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” by Dr Alan Ruth

Nose breathing is beneficial because it:

  • filters the air
  • slowing heart rates
  • calming the mind
  • relaxing the muscle
  • Reduces snoring and apnoea

Try this visual breathing tool to help you easily calm your breath by xhalr.com.

4, Take time outs

Stress is one of the negative emotions that most people feel, and it can take a toll on our bodies and mind when situations get too overwhelming, making us feel angry, annoyed, short-tempered, and upset. 
When those negative feelings try to overtake you, STOP what you are doing and remove yourself from the situation:

  • Spend a moment to focus on yourself. 
  • Start a hobby or an activity you enjoy.
  • Talk to someone about your feelings (friends, family, co-workers, therapist)
  • Allow yourself to reset your mind by relaxing, doing activities, spending time doing what you like.

5, Meditate

It is scientifically proven, meditating and relaxing decreases stress. Try meditating someplace quiet, listening to calming music or podcasts. 


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