5 Things you don’t want to miss out to improve your Physical Wellness – BODY

The importance of knowing why these factors are beneficial for our body; Eating healthy, Sleeping, Physical Activity, and Deep breathing.

Physical Wellness can have a great impact on our health and our everyday lives, depending on our routines, and habits.
To ensure we have a good balance of life it’s recommended to incorporate these factors (eating healthy, sleeping, physical activity, and deep sleep)

  1. Activate your body. Move your body to increases your heart rate every day for at least 30 minutes. You can also split up your daily 30 minutes into three ten-minute rounds! Or even just climbing stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator will be benefcial. 

  2. Recognize your body condition; feeling ill, muscle soreness, pain in the body.  Exercising while your body is in discomfort can worsen pain, let your body rest.  

  3. Consuming foods that makes you feel great. Nourish your body with the good foods. (fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, fiber, meat)

  4. Managing a regular sleep and aim to sleep 7-9 hours ach night for a good night’s sleep.


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