8 things to boost your Emotional Wellness – MIND

Emotional Wellness is to be aware of yourself on how you are feeling, how you are coping with stressful situations, understanding and reflecting on those feeling to comfort the mind and soul. 

  • Practicing meditation, having peace with your mind and reflect on yourself. 

  • Putting yourself in a postive enviroment, field with laughter and joy. laughing is known to reduce stress. 

  • Asking or accepting help and support from others when needed. allowing yourself to help other, and to recieve help when nessacsery 

  • Communication and interaction with people, allowing yourself to trust someone to share your feelings. 

  • Appreciating the big and little things in life.

  • Everyone makes mistakes and goes through rough times, accept them and to learn from those mistakes. 

  • Taking care of your inner and outerself by eating the right foods, having an active lifestyle, and to allow yourself to rest and sleep. 

  • Be kind and love youself, beacuse let’s be honest “if you dont love yourself how are you going to love someone else” Rupaul


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