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Categories in Wellness Professionals

Your Professional could be in multiple categories in the 8 dimensions of Wellness. No worry, you can change or add anytime.

MIND - Emotional Wellness Professionals


Wellness life style
Personal transformation


Beauty therapy
Weight Loss


Massage therapy
Comedy/Laughter therapy
Sleep therapy
Breath therapy


Martial art

Are you a title for helping people to...

  • Assistance in an emotional situation when people needed it.
  • Recognize and reduce stressors in life.
  • Accepting responsibility for their actions.
  • Set priorities
  • Attempt to avoid worry and suspicion.
  • Feel good about themself and think that others like them too.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to life’s changing challenges.
  • Express all kinds of feelings (i.e., hunger, joy, fear, and sadness) and deal with associated behaviors healthily.
  • Balance work and family/social life.
  • Feel considerably in control of my life.
  • Recognize personal shortcomings and learn from their experiences.
  • Have a sense of fun and laughter.