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It does not matter if you are a coach, consultant, advisor, mentor, retailer, trader, freelance, organization, manufacture, creator or even robot… as long as providing quality, ethical service and/or products to Wellness Lovers that support the 8 dimensions of wellness with love

That’s Wellness Professional.


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2. Answering Questions

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Outputting your knowledge will boost your occupational and financial wellness.
Start to subscribe to the topics you can answer/ed to get attention and start building trust among the Global Wellness Lover’s community!

3. Provide Service with
Love & Passions

LOVE, PASSION, and HONESTY are the keys to satisfied Wellness Lovers, and they’ll bring a flock of other Wellness Lovers to you.

4. Get Paid Instantly

Say Goodbye to No-Show customers. Getting paid upfront online can benefit your business.

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Categories in Wellness Professional

Your Professional could be in multiple categories in the 8-D Wellness. No worry, you can change or add anytime.

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