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    Success in business is typically measured by financial wellness and career advancement, areas in which mentoring can play a significant role.

    Develop a Growth Mindset

    Adopting a growth mindset can supercharge your wellbeing and growth.


    Develop super focus that opens doors for opportunities in life.

    Affirmations, Visualization, and Action

    Re-programing your brain for success, change your thoughts and habits.




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    How SQUAWK FUNDING works?

    SQUAWK FUNDING is a way to finance your business through, donations or exchanging money for rewards or shares in your business.

    7 things to know about the SQUAWK FUNDING project

    • Project’s incentives, rewards or shares must be the tools to balance 8 dimensions of wellness
    • Project must be loved by Wellness Lovers
    • there are no limits on setting raise funds and within a set period. (f you don’t reach your goal, you don’t have to commit)
    • Fees are only charged if you successfully raise your funding goal. Fundraiser Fees=5%, Donor Fee=0%, Processor Fee=2.9% + $0.30 per gift    Total=7.9% + $.30 per gift  
    • SQUAWK FUNDING help to promote your idea to Wellness Lovers globally.
    • When you get SQUAWK backers, make sure to keep them informed about your progress.
    • Once you raise the funds you need, thank your SQUAWK backers and give them their incentives and rewards.

    Plan carefully

    Planning is an important part of SQUAWK FUNDING. You’re trying to show Wellness Lovers why they should support your product, so you’ll need to clearly show them:

    • what the product is
    • why they should fund your product
    • the timeframe for developing your product if you reach your funding goals
    • incentives, rewards or shares you’ll exchange them for funding your business idea.

    Set your goals

    Set goals so your Wellness Lovers know what to expect. These include:

    • how much funding you need
    • the timeframe for getting funding
    • how long it will take to develop your business or product.

    It’s important to manage expectations, so your SQUAWK backers (donors) can track your progress. 

    Check your legal responsibilities

    Depending on your business idea, and the type of project,

    you may need to:

    • register for licenses
    • meet legal terms and conditions.

    This is especially important if your business idea or reward to your SQUAWK backers is a financial product or shares.