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Studies show that spending money on others feels better than splurging on ourselves

Stress-free gift shopping

It's the thought that counts. not the value of the gift.

-It's Not About the Opening of the Gift -

It’s about envisioning the gift to be used and what could be a benefit for the receiving.  

- Sharing the Meaning Behind the Gift -

Not focusing on the price of the gift. But sharing the why’s and the where’s of the gift purchasing process. 

-Spontaneous Gift's -

Gifts are expected on holidays and birthdays, Having any expectations can make gift giving a stressful task. But a spontaneous gift giving can be exciting, since it’s not expected.


- Don’t Compare Your Gift to Others' -

Think about your memory with the recipient, and try to focus your gift within what they like, hobbies, things that were said, places visited together. It makes the gift more special which can’t be compared.

- Put Yourself in the Receiver’s Shoes -

Imagine how you feel and think when receiving gifts.

“The more that you can be happy and grateful when you are receiving a gift, the more you may realize that, in general, people are going to be fine with whatever you get them,” she says.

- Consider Monetary Gifts -

While givers often avoid giving monetary gifts, recipients are open to receiving them.

“That fits the idea of exchange versus ownership. As a giver, giving someone $20 dollars seems like a lame birthday present, but as a recipient it might be more useful to me than a shirt down the road; I can buy whatever I want,” he says.

Gift and make other happier, healthier & more peaceful.

The joy of giving a gift lasts longer than the fleeting pleasure of accepting it

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