How WellnessParrot Advertise Works

WellnessParrot Advertising & Promotion

Extend the reach to your health-conscious customer using our easy-to-use platform. Simple steps to help you start building and reaching your right audience with specific advertising.

4 quick things to know before start advertising & promotion

How Promotion Work Instantly

If competition is fierce or you’re just looking to get some more eyes on your LISTINGS and PRODUCTS, consider promoting them.

Listing Promotion

When you Promote your Listing, it will receive higher search prominence on EXPLORE WELL pages.

Be a Wellness Motivator to

Product Promotion (feature)

Improve visibility of individual products with featre that appear in search results on SHOP WELL pages.

Be a Seller to

Self Listing Promotion

1. While logged in, go to your Listing Dashboard > My Listings.
2. Locate the Listing you wish to Promote and click the Promote icon.


3. Select the desired Promotion package Complete the Checkout process.

There are 3 priority promotions to choose from

  • Bullet Train Promotion (Basic Priority)
  • Rocket Promotion (High Priority)
  • Lightning Promotion (Top Priority)

*Promotion prices change time to time.

4. Promoted Listings will first be ordered based on the promotion priority on a EXPLORE WELL page and other Well Pages.

One Click Product Promotion for Seller

Product Promotion (Mark feature)

  1. While logged in, go to your Seller Dashboard > Product.
  2. Find the product you wish to promote and click the START (featured) icon and It’s all DONE!
  3.  How many products you can promote, It depends on your memberships plan,

4. Mark Featured products will show on SHOP WELL pages.

Boost your Audience

Start a seller 60 days free & get free promotion for your products.

Reaching to the
RIGHT Audience

Start smart to advertise your products/services