How to launch a profitable wellness business in 60 days without risk in 5 steps.

You must be passionate about making people happier, healthier, and more peaceful aren’t you?

Before start let’s find out if you are a professional or student in the 8 – dimensions of wellness field? 

So let’s start quick from 100 lists.

Are you a title for helping people to be/have… 

  1.   Accepting Responsibility  
  2.   Activities with Families & Friends  
  3.   Alcohol Management  
  4.   Altruism, Forgiveness, and Hope  
  5.   Annual Exam Check  
  6.   Aware of Overdraft Fees, Late Fees or Interest Fees  
  7.   Balance Work with Play  
  8.   Boundaries  
  9.   Bulk Purchase when Possible   
  10.   Caffeine & Sugar Detox  
  11.   Check Classified for Buy and Sell  
  12.   Check Credit Report  
  13.   Clean Eating & Clean Food  
  14.   Use of Clean Regularly Home & Work Environment with Toxic-Free Products  
  15.   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  
  16.   Communication Skill  
  17.   Community  
  18.   Compassionate Skill  
  19.   Compliments  
  20.   Conserve Energy & Saving Water  
  21.   Control of Life  
  22.   Cooperative Relationships Skill  
  23.   Creativity and Critical Thinking  
  24.   Detox Program  
  25.   Develop a Growth Mindset  
  26.   Develop Good Workplace Habits (i.e., punctuality, reliability, and initiative).  
  27.   Develop New Skills  
  28.   Develop Skills to Secure Goals  
  29.   Develop Teamwork  
  30.   Differentiate Between Wants and Needs  
  31.   Eat Local Farmers’ Markets, *CSAs, and Serve Local Foods  
  32.   Eat Nutritiously on a Budget  
  33.   Emotional Assistance  
  34.   Environmental Pollution & Preserve Natural Resources  
  35.   Explore Multiple Career Options and Opportunities  
  36.   Expressing Emotions  
  37.   Faith  
  38.   Fasting Program  
  39.   Financial Freedom  
  40.   Gratitude   
  41.   Happy Career Choice  
  42.   Hygiene Management  
  43.   Informative & Educational Programs (i.e., documentaries, debates).  
  44.   Intellectual Discussions  
  45.   Job Responsibilities & Personal Values  
  46.   Job Searching Skills (CV writing, interviewing, etc.).  
  47.   Learning New Thing  
  48.   Lifelong Learner  
  49.   Limit Fertilizers and Chemicals  
  50.   Listen to Different Ideas  
  51.   Live Below Means   
  52.   Make Decisions by Facts (up-to-date academic resources.)  
  53.   Meaning of Life  
  54.   Meditation  
  55.   Mental Activities (e.g., challenging puzzles, learning a new language, learning a new instrument)  
  56.   Support as a Mentor   
  57.   Open to New Ideas  
  58.   Optimism  
  59.   Participate in Community Events and Drives  
  60.   Pay All Bills On Time  
  61.   Peaceful 
  62.   Peaceful Home Environment  
  63.   Personal Flexibility  
  64.   Personal Shortcomings  
  65.   Personal Values  
  66.   Problematic Behavior  
  67.   Productive  
  68.   Professional & Self-Development  
  69.   Quieting Tobacco, Illicit and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drug  
  70.   Reassess Financial Plans & Goals  
  71.   Rebuild Trust  
  72.   Reduce Stressors  
  73.   Rehab Program  
  74.   Relax  
  75.   Respect Differences  
  76.   Say NO to Unreasonable Requests  
  77.   Seek Health Professionals  
  78.   Seek Professional Financial Help  
  79.   Self-Esteem  
  80.   Sense of Humor  
  81.   Set Aside an Emergency fund  
  82.   Setting Priorities  
  83.   Sex Health  
  84.   Skills Requirement  
  85.   Sleep  
  86.   Social Skill  
  87.   Spend Time in Nature (Outdoors)   
  88.   Stay Informed  
  89.   Stress Management Program  
  90.   Sun Protection  
  91.   Sustainable Products (i.e., organic food products and energy-efficient appliances) as much as possible.  
  92.   Think Before Speak  
  93.   Time Management,Priority and Boundaries  
  94.   Tolerant Person
  95.   Travel To Gain Knowledge and Appreciation  
  96.   Use Money Positively  
  97.   Vigorous and Strengthening Exercise & Activity  
  98.   Walk, Ride a Bike, Public Transportation when Possible  
  99.   Weight Loss Program   
  100.   Workplace Time Management  

See professional category example

So If you are professional in 8 dimensions of wellness, You are ready to create a HAPPY CIRCLE and start your profitable wellness business on WellnessParrot right away! If not yet, Find the course you love. and If you are still not sure, just relax and contact us!

Now, Let me tell you how to launch a profitable wellness business in 60 days without risk in 5 steps.

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Step4, Setting up your store

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