How WellnessParrot Pay Works

Deposit, Send and withdraw Money anywhere
between members for *$0 ZERO transaction fees.

*Your chosen third-party payment may apply when top-up/withdraw.

How WellnessParrot Pay Works

 The minimum Wallet top-up is $5.

Enjoy ZERO0️ transfer Fees. 

Don't pay credit card surcharge and send money fees every time you use. It'll never expire.
Transfer money among the WellnessParrot sellers for FREE globally.

*Top-Up With Options

Option to top up with your Credit card, PayPal and Bank. *Third-party payment fees may apply.

Pay & Get paid

Make WellnessParrot Pay for full or partial payment on check out. Receive fees, sale, refund from WellnessParrot.

Transfer 24/7 & ZERO fees

Pay to other members for a business expense, ,send money to someone who is needed or donate whatever you want.

*Withdraw Anytime

Withdraw anytime you want
*Third-party payment fees may apply.


WellnessParrot Wallet Transfer is done by member’s email address

For security reasons, WellnessParrot Pay does not detect email addresses automatically unless filled complete email address without mistake.

"Give LOVE❤️" is Easy with
WellnessParrot Pay

Donate, Support, Tips, Help, Giveaway, Volunteer.
The words do not matter. Give love to anyone who needed or who you want.
“Give Love” boost Emotional Wellness and Social Wellness.

🦜Tips: Recent study shows for first time, African gray parrots will help other members of their species in need😲

WellnessParrot Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions for Happy Flock Wallet

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WellnessParrot Pay Guideline

Zero Risk,
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