How WellnessParrot Wholesale customer Works

How to make money selling wholesale products?

Start saving on the wholesale products you need.

Become a Wholesale Customer

Save time and money when you work with us. We can do it togather.

Find best-selling products

See top-selling wholesale products that other Wellness Supporters buy most frequently.

See highly rated products

Explore products that other Wellness Lovers have rated highly.

Get the lowest price

Compare multiple prices for products from sellers and wholesalers who compete for your business.

Find a reliable wholesaler

Either distributor, reseller, bulk, warehouse or supplier, find the one provide quality, ethical and clean products/services. Drop-Shipping/Private-Labeling search available on manufactures listing If you are consider doing a product drop shipping or Private Label.

Getting Ready

Before register wholesale customer

Get ready for your Business/ Tax/ Resale license Numbers. Please check with your local government of requirement for your business style.

-What ‘s you style?-

  • Merchant Wholesaler Customer
  • Commission Wholesaler Customer (Drop-shipper, Agents and Brokers)


1.Wholesale Customer Registration

If you are a seller or not yet a seller, Register to be able to see wholesale price/purchase wholesale products and get approved as a wholesale customer. If you want to sell the wholesale products on SHOP WELL page, become a seller if not yet a seller.


2. Quick Wholesale Order Form

Once you have approved, you can access a wholesale order form that orders in theĀ one form, which is super fast & easy.

  • Choose the product and click once to add to cart.
  • Whole catalog on one page.
  • Wildcard keyword & SKU search box.
  • Touch device friendly buttons.
  • No page reloads.
  • Back-orders notice when allowed.

3.Simple steps of managing your products ( for sellers only)

Manage your products and income if you sell your wholesale products on SHOP WELL page. The seller dashboard is the time and money saver.

  1. Order in one form
  2. List your products
  3. Promote – see below
  4. Products shipping (use fulfillment services or handling yourself)
  5. Manage – inventory

Promote your wholesale products

Everything can be done on WellnessParrot.

4.Personalized Seller Support/Management. Hire Us. (for sellers only)

Are you struggling to manage your account? No time? Or on holiday? Whatever reason, We are here to support. We can manage your account at an hourly rate.
* Hourly rate depends on your seller plan and availability.

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