intellectual Wellness


Keep your brain active, thinking, and questioning.

Feed your mind with new knowledge and experiences

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    Listening to Different Idea

    Continually reevaluate your opinions and question your beliefs
    (i.e. on gender, religion, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, and political issues).

    Creativity and Critical thinking

    use natural human creativity and employing critical thinking.

    Open to new ideas

    I am open to new ideas.

    Stay informed about current affairs

    I stay informed about current affairs.

    Try mental Fitness

    Practice creative and stimulating mental activities
    (e.g. challenging puzzles, learning a new language, learning a new instrument, Artistic Activities)

    Learn Something New Daily and Stay Smart

    A broad knowledge of unfamiliar situations feeds innovation by inspiring us to think creatively and providing examples to follow

    Intellectual discussions

    Engage in deeper analysis and broader discussions.

    informative and educational programs

    View informative and educational programs every week (i.e. documentaries, debates).

    Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM)

    Make more confident decisions and become more proactive.

    (Harvard Business School)

    Travel to Appreciate Culture

    Traveling can stimulate mental health and boost intellectual wellness.
    Appreciation provides an opportunity to share ideas and cultural awareness.

    Self & Professional Development for Continuous Growth

    Have specific intellectual goals, commit time and energy to professional & self development.

    Lifelong learner

    I would describe myself as a life long learner.

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