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"More than 7 out of 10 deaths around the world (about 41 million each year),are due to CNDs."(Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases)
"Global Health and Wellness Industry Growth that will Hit $6,543.4 Million by 2026." more in list below.

Why we still suffering from this disease? and most-likely rising.
Our WellnessParrot community's NEW WAY to prevent disease and maximize wellness and performance to take action and make a change.
We will work together to achieve Wellness Lover's goal with Welness Professionals In a Social Wellness environment.

  • Mental health startups grew over $1B in funding in H1’20: Investors poured over $1B into mental health and wellness startups so far in 2020 — the most of any category featured in this report. The mental health and wellness space also leads in deal activity, with 106 deals taking place in H1’20. 
  • Two fitness tech startups have reached $1B+ valuations this year: Keep, a China-based startup focused on community fitness with online classes, and US-based Classpass joined the list of global unicorns in 2020. 
  • Investor attention to digital & at-home wellness solutions has grown in the wake of Covid-19: The pandemic has accelerated the trend of bringing wellness products and services — from sleep tests to fitness tech — into the home as individuals seek to reduce infection risk from visiting physical businesses like spas and studios. 
  • Fulfilling the need for connection and community is coming to the forefront: Wellness solutions that emphasize community and connection with others over distance are seeing greater traction as consumers stay physically apart. These range from community fitness apps to online groups for women in similar stages of life.
  • Wellness categories continue to emphasize sustainability: From lab-grown collagen for skincare to sustainably sourced baby food, themes of sustainability are here to stay in the long term.
  • Companies are targeting specific demographics more explicitly: Startups are focusing on more  demographics as the wellness space becomes more inclusive.

Exclusive Report [110 Pages] : Research Dive

Source : Cbinsights


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