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WellnessParrot admires diversity in people, backgrounds, and life experiences.
We are building WellnessParrot company with happy people around, not just about the product. That means we put a ton of thought into how we structure, how we interact, and how we build. Experimentation is sustained at WellnessParrot, and we do it a lot. Sometimes we make a mistake, and that’s okay too. Failure is seen as an opportunity for growth.

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You aren’t constrained by your job description. There’s room for you, and your ideas, to breathe. We empower people to draw on their own experience and knowledge to make decisions for themselves.
With a strong focus on growth and personal development, WellnessParrot is the ideal place to develop your skills in an environment that is built on mutual trust and respect. Team members work with their managers to get personalized 1:1 coaching and mentorship to help them grow and achieve their career goals.

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