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    Boost Time Management Skill & Be Productive

    Power up and Boost Productivity

    prevent burnout in the workplace

    Maintain Balance Between Work and Play

    Develop new skills

    1, Get training (course) 2, Practice 3, Get feedback

    Skills Finder

    Get to know what skills are necessary for the occupations you are interested in

    Explore Career Counselor

    Career counselors have insights and tools to help you zero in on the things you love most and do best, and also be able to offer ideas and guidance on how to find a career that best suits those passions.

    Find the jobs match your personal values

    The job’s workplace values chosen as “Health, Well-Bing and Balance”  on Work Well

    Here are the example of Personal Value

    Become thrives in a team environment

    Teamwork is required for almost every industry, even if it seems like your job is an independent worker. You may perform most of your job tasks alone, but think of your work in the context of the company’s goals and communicate your accomplishments to others within the organization.

    Workplace Success Professional Skills you must have

    Professional skills are required for nearly every job, they are rarely included in job listings.

    Develop Pro-Workplace as a Habits

    Start good habit on
    wellness, self-presentation, timeliness, organization, productivity, quality, follow-through, consistency, punctuality, reliability and initiative.

    HARD SKILL (Technical Skill)

    SOFT SKILL (Talent /Personal Skill)

    professional resume writers near you or online

    Professional Resume writers can position your resume the way they know hiring managers want to see it.

    Explore interview coach

    Interview coach can provide you with valuable feedback that will help you improve your responses during interviews.

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