Manual Placement


The Manual Placement is not visible automatically in your content but must be added using a short code or function. It is best used when placing ads in specific positions in your template files and allow to change the content of the placement easily later.

  • You can choose either HTML or image content
  • Pricing is set up with 3 options
  • The placement is not given and will be set up manually by the WellnessParrot Seller Team after the purchase.

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placements a bit more or explain some details about the offer, especially, if there are some custom conditions you need to set up specifically for each order. You should also comment if there are limitations regarding display or visitor conditions with this ad (e.g. only specific pages, desktop only, etc.)

PopUp and Layer Ads allow you to display content in popups and layers. This content doesn’t have to be an actual ad but can be simple information, a subscription form, or other content you want Wellness Lovers to see (and react on).



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