QUICK Wellness Balance Test

I caring for my body to stay healthy (regular exercises, health check, eat healthy, sleep well, safe sex, no bad habits, protect the sk in from sun damage and stress management etc,)

I keep stay hygiene. (body, hands, mounth, nose etc,)

I have healthy relationships. I'm aware of my feelings, resilient, and able to ask for help, expressing my feelings to people i trust.

I have a positive self-image and work on improving and learning my strengths and developing assertiveness.

I can express a wide range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, joy, fear, frustration, gratitude, etc.

I make time for activities that enhance your sense of connection to yourself, nature, and others and help others in need.

I'm aware of how your values may differ from others and accepting others for who they are.

I search for a meaning for my life and discover my values, principles, and beliefs in which I practice religion or otherwise spiritual activities.

I have a strong support network of family, friends, co-workers, and peers, develop positive relationships, and draw boundaries with myself and others.

I maintaining social connections by keeping in touch and staying connected with families and friends.

I'm a lifetime learner who focus on skills and learning new ones.

I develop, analyze, problem-solve, challenge myself mentally using my creative abilities and critical thinking skills.

I set career goals, develop good work habits and job-related skills. I learn to communicate effectively with co-workers. I learn from my mistakes and moving forward.

I am aware of how I might contribute to pollution. I have a peaceful home & work environment and make sure place are sustainable-friendly. I enjoy spending time outside. I involved in the community.

I maintain a budget and monitor my spending and seek out professional financial help if needed. I explore ways to save money, be financially literate, review credit reports and bank statements, and pay bills on time.

February 6, 2023

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