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Personalized Seller Support & Management

Personalized Seller Support & Management  – from AUD $59/hr

Hire us for your account management. For those with a Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan, we will work with you, one-on-one, to make your Listings/Products/Services the best it can be.

Services include,

  • Chat support for your products/services.
  • Add/manage your Listings/Products.
  • Shipping Support with
  • Reviews management.


For Enterprise Plan

  • One hour Personalized Seller Support/Management included
  • Hire us for your account management at a discounted rate of AUD $59/hr for Enterprise Plan. (other plan AUD $69/hr)

Contact us for an inquiry.

Please note that there may be some features that aren’t available just yet. If you would like to find out prior to scheduling an appointment, please send us an email.

Otherwise, feel free to get started by scheduling an appointment with us.

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