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Affiliate with the strongest voice in psychological science, and get benefits to support your life’s work. APS Members are part of a collective effort to advance psychological science of all types across all areas of our diverse discipline. APS promotes scientific exchange, increases public understanding of our field, fosters innovation in methodology, and ensures that high quality research gets into the hands of policy makers, the public, and other consumers and users of psychological science. As an APS Member, you support these efforts, while benefiting from APS’s multitude of resources that help you in the important work you do.

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Personal Access to the Latest Research

APS publications are among the leading resources for information in the field. Members receive annual online and print subscriptions (including online archives) to:

A Meeting of the Minds

APS will host a virtual conference that convenes psychological scientists from around the world, and features the latest research and luminaries in the field.

Program components from both the APS Annual Convention and the International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) will be combined into an interactive online two-day event, plus a Virtual Poster Showcase that will remain available through September 2021.

Call for Submissions and Registration opening mid-November!

APS 2021 Virtual Convention
May 26–27, 2021

Public Understanding and Advocacy

At APS, science isn’t just a special interest—it’s the only interest. APS is the premiere international organization solely dedicated to the advancement of psychological science, and works diligently to increase support for psychological research and to promote the use of science-based psychology in the development of public policy. Furthermore, APS broadens public understanding of our science by ensuring wide and accurate daily coverage in major news outlets including Scientific American, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal among others.

Awards and Honors

APS honors the accomplishments of Members who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of psychological science. Previous Recipients and Award Information.

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That’s just the tip of the iceberg. APS Members also receive:

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