Why Parrots?

We name WellnessParrot because the parrot is a symbol of longevity. Parrots have the most extended life spam among birds: Cockatoos and Amazonian parrots can reach 75 years or older, and Macaw has been known to live up to 100 years!

A beautiful animal communicates well and imitates words with communication skills like humans, and talks just like a human by mimicking.

Fun Fact: Why parrot live so long?

Parrots are remarkably long-lived for their body size when compared with mammals. … The exceptional longevity in birds suggests they have evolved unique mechanisms to protect them from rapid aging in the wake of their increased metabolic processes.

Our aim is Wellness Lovers manage to live long & healthy as much as a life given and maximize wellness & performance with Wellness Professionals together.

Live well like a parrot.

Social well like a parrot.

WellnessParrot – Happy Flock

Your happiness, health, and peace are Our Mission.

Our Promise to Wellness Lovers

We also love to explore

We are not just a tech lover but also a Wellness Lover love to explore Wellness Motivators!
WellnessParrot’s health & wellness professionals team randomly selects Wellness Motivators to receive their services and write honest and reliable reviews to create a happy circle.

Quality Reliable Reviews Control

WellnessParrot ranks reviews based on the popularity of recent reviews or Wellness Motivators.
WellnessParrot does not rely on software to “assess” the reviews to avoid fake/spam.
To create a happy-circle, providing reliable and honest reviews is our priority before quantities.

We Keep It Simple & free

WellnessParrot is an entirely free platform for Wellness Lovers to explore and find quality WellnessSupporters and Wellness Supporters to list their services. (*option to become a seller to get your service paid online)
We are so excited about how useful this platform will be for you by taking advantage of the site to find, explore and meet new Wellness Lovers and Wellness Supporters with the intentions of longevity and to live a happy and healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

What WellnessParrot Offers

Our Services To Wellness Lovers

Add/Find Listing

With a WellnessParrot account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Wellness Supporter profile lets you easily connect with Wellness Lovers across WellnessParrrot search and maps.

Post/Find Jobs & Event

When you add your listing, you can also add your job offer and event.

Community & Forum

Connecting with Wellness Lover and Wellness Supporters all around the world.

Post/ Read Article

Useful articles and easy to read to getting knowledge of supporting 8D-wellness without annoying Ads.

Post/Play Media

Entertainment for Wellness lovers to enjoy videos, audios, Images and apps/games that support 8D-wellness by Wellness Supporters.

Buy/Sell Service/Product and Coupon

Whether you are buying or selling new or used, you can find clean, quality & ethical products with reliable reviews.

We give sellers the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. Our happiness is by our members’ success.



There are no joining fees required to join a WellnessParrot affiliate program, so the only major initial investment is your time and effort. Any commissions that roll in are your profit. Start writing articles(blog), posting media about your affiliate products on WellnessParrot, or your social media to make an instant profit!


Grow your business by reaching relevant audiences on and off WellnessParrot using easy self-service advertising solutions. and other option  to improve the visibility of individual products with ads that appear in search results and on product pages.

Hire us for your seller account management

Maximize your customer experience & benefits.

One Hour Seller Account Management AU$59/hr

  • Chat support for your products/services.
  • Add/manage your products.
  • Shipping Support with ShipStaion.com.
  • Reviews management.


*Discounted rate of US$49 /hr  for Enterprise plan customers.

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We Couldn’t Do It Without Them.  We develop WellnessParrot with our love💕 and passion.

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