As a professional hairdresser as well as a beauty therapist. I would like you to know why washing your hair on a daily basis is not necessary. 

Even when you are sweating after physical activity, you don’t need to use hair products daily. Just using hot water is enough. 

Most commercial shampoos are made with harsh chemicals such as detergent, perfume, and NON-friendly chemicals for the hormones 

Imagine using detergent on your hair which runs down to your face and body. A lot of your natural oil and good bacteria on your skin slip away from your face and body and interfere with the balanced hormones.

Harsh shampoos can also damage hair and lead to hair loss.

Dry hair, itching, and persistent flaking or dandruff are all symptoms of an overly dry scalp.

Moreover, hair and scalp are two different molecules

We should focus more on different ways of cleanliness approach to scalp and hair.  

I will open up my secret to what happens to hair when I completely stop using commercial shampoo and conditioner for 7 years. and how I maintain my hygiene.

When I first quit using commercial shampoos, I was washing my hair once a day with hot water only. Which made my scalp very itchy and have bad odors for the first 2 weeks, a very unpleasant feeling. 

During the first 2 weeks of not washing my hair, I started to use commercial shampoos once a week,  And week by week I’ve noticed the itching and the oiliness disappeared week by week. And I decided to make an even more drastic change from using commercial shampoo to using handmade soup. 

I never thought I would be washing my hair with soap but it was only possible with HANDMADE soap but not commercial soap. 

I was trying to start a baby skincare business 6 years ago when I gave birth. My baby had acute eczema, so I was doing some research for natural ingredients that would be beneficial for his skin, along the way learning about different types of skin issues and causes eczema.

My doctor informed me how Eczema is very common in babies and it will disappear by age. So I was not too concerned but I was really curious and eager about how to maintain hygiene for my baby. Testing most commercial baby skincare ranges, but most of them contained perfume and non-friendly chemicals, so my solution was to use handmade soap which didn’t contain any additional ingredients.

Trying this routine:

1, Wash with handmade soap

2, Avene thermal water spray after bath (this product is really amazing, which stopped my baby’s skin irritation! Natural sea saltwater also heals skin irritation but for adults, never tried on baby!)

3, Pure jojoba oil for protection. (pure jojoba oil is wax and doesn’t contain any allergen, I have learned, that protein from the skin can trigger build future allergies, so I stayed away from nut oil, animal ingredients. Important fact: Natural doesn’t mean safe…)

I never once had to use nappy rash products. And his eczema never got worse but better.


Coming back to the main topic, so the more I learned about human skin and commercial products, I decided to only use handmade soap for my entire body and hair. 

And again, It works!!

Never felt itchy or oily again…


Currently, I just wash my hair with handmade soap once every 3 to 6 weeks. 

and never ever felt unhygienic on my scalp even if I don’t wash them for 2 months at times. and I do exercise regularly….. just rinsing with hot water after a sweat.

It might sound unhygienic and unpleasant but this is something I really recommend and would love for more people to try out.

even if it’s only for the first 2 weeks to a month, try it out for a short term as an experiment or a challenge.  

or just changing from commercial shampoos to handmade soap can do wonders for your hair.

This is the handmade soap i used and now i sell them. Coz I love it and it is true hygienic tool for our entire body.


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